Climate Change Adaptation in Vanuatu

How does the changing climate affect Vanuatu, and how can different parts of society work together to meet the challenges? The film (VCAP) shows examples of work with climate change adaptation.

Climate Change

A changing climate makes us vulnerable now and in the future. In order to analyze the vulnerability of the society a description of climate change is needed. Below you can gather a basis for understanding the effects and the risks in Vanuatu posed by a changing climate.

  • Temperature: Forest Fire / Humidity / Drought
  • Precipitation: Drought / Flooding / Heavy precipitation / Ground Water
  • Oceans & Lakes: High tides & low tides / Water level / flooding
  • Wind: Cyclone


  • Energy: Energy security, Dam Safety
  • Spatial Planning & Housing: Urban Planning
  • Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Forestry:
  • Land & soil: Erosion, polluted grounds, landslides, mudslide
  • Natural Environment and Ecosystems: Natural Environment
  • Water & Sewer: natural Drinking Water
  • Health Care: Health effects, Outbreaks (spread of infections and diseases)
  • The impact on Vanuatu on global changes

Adaptation Technologies link in Vanuatu:

Adaptation Relevant Document link (Policies, Strategic Plans):