Radio Program

Department of Climate Change Awareness Radio Program towards the National Climate Change Symposium Celebrations 12 February – 9 December 2020
“Listeners around the country are welcome to listen”


The Department of Climate Change (DoCC) under the Ministry of Climate Change and Natural Disasters (MOCC) intends to conduct a mass outreach and awareness program to the wider public including both in the national and provincial levels on its services and products as part of its awareness, outreach and partnerships initiatives after its humble beginning at the beginning of this year 2019. This awareness raising program will be through a radio program hosted with the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Cooperation (VBTC), the only national broadcaster in the country which reach out to all the islands in Vanuatu.

It is also the hope of the new Department of Climate Change to use this opportunity to reach the wider population of the country with climate change information through the radio program as means of communication and educating people about the impacts and effects of climate change in Vanuatu. This radio program is part of the Department’s preparations towards the National Climate Change Symposium to be held on October 14, 2020, which is a day to celebrate the Vanuatu Government’s commitment to fighting against the impacts of climate change in the country. The theme chosen for this year’s National Climate Change Symposium is the same as the DOCC’s Vision which is “A Sustainable & Climate Resilient Vanuatu”.

The proposed radio program is one of the many activities year marked for year 2020 as the per the DOCC’s Business Plan 2020 under the 2019 NPP that will further assist with the DOCC’s Business Plan strategic objectives such as raising awareness to relevant climate change and disaster risks reduction and resilience stakeholders and partners in Vanuatu.


The purpose of the idea to do this radio program in overall is to raise the profile of the Department of Climate Change since its establishment in 2019. The radio program is anticipated to generate the following benefits:

  1. Information related through this radio program will give better access to relevant climate change and disaster risk reduction messages to the vulnerable groups in our communities.
  2. The radio program will also enhance the ability of communities to access critical climate change and disaster risk reduction information that will help them better prepare and becoming resilience to the potential impacts of CC and disasters in future.
  3. The radio program will strengthen the relationship and partnerships of relevant CC and DRR stakeholders from Government and NGOs by involving them to share and talk about their work in the program.
  4. The radio program will benefit the purpose of DOCC reaching all members of the general public with the relevant CC, DRR and announcements of upcoming events throughout this year 2020.

Confirmed Schedule

The schedule for the radio program will begin from Wednesday 12th February to Wednesday 9th December 2020. The radio program will take place every second Wednesday of every other two months as follows: February, April, June, August, October and December which is a six radio program in total for this year 2020.

(Every second Wednesday in every two months)

No. of ProgramBroadcast DateBroadcast Time (30 minutes)Theme/Topic
1Wed 12th February11:15 am – 11:45amRoles and function of the Department of CC in Vanuatu
2Wed 8th April11:15 am – 11:45amAdaptation Activities in Vanuatu
3Wed 10th June11:15 am – 11:45amMitigation Activities in Vanuatu
4Wed 12th August11:15 am – 11:45amNAB, MOCC and what is the Government doing to fight CC in Vanuatu – NDCs and its enhancements
5Wed 14th October11:15 am – 11:45amSymposium Activities – Panel discussions
6Wed 9th December11:15 am – 11:45amCOP26 – Vanuatu’s Positions