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Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

The government of Vanuatu endorsed the Vanuatu National Energy Road Map 2013–2020, implemented by the Department of Energy, which commenced in March 2013. This document provides for Vanuatu’s future strategic direction on energy, including climate change mitigation, through increased use of renewable and geothermal energy. The road map will play a vital role in shaping renewable energy demand, energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions, and meeting proposed carbon intensity targets and climate commitments in the NSDP. A mid-term review of the road map will outline the energy sector’s implementation plans to achieve the climate change and disaster risk-reduction commitments.

An energy sector priority identified in the road map is mitigating climate change through renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation. A further objective is to reduce reliance on imported diesel and petroleum products through efficiency improvements in the transport sector and investment in renewable energy in the power generation sector. Many of Vanuatu’s specific priorities are also outlined in the Intended Nationally Determined Contribution document submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.


04 March 2020